Sending lots of Aloha!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Father & his Boys

Came across this photo yesterday, I scanned it but the resolution is not that great.  I had to share it as it brought back some amazing memories of when my kids were young, & when we lived in Hawaii.


  1. I think the picture is amazing. It just shows how the time has passed and we haven't realized it until something stops us and we actually have to look back and reflect on the time that has gone by. I was talking with Erick just last week about stuff in Oahu because he had a friend visiting him in Hawaii and he was surprised how I still remembered the sights to be seen on the island. I said it hadn't been that long since I went until I thought back and realized that my visit to Honolulu was almost 16 years ago. I had to stop myself and say wow... it has been a long time.

  2. Its time to go back and visit the island. You've been a great mom...i would know as I see them in your sons.

  3. Beautiful! A wonderful photo and a wonderful memory!