Sending lots of Aloha!

Saturday, December 31, 2011


With the end of 2011 upon us, there was no better way to relax like heading out with Nik for the day.
Trying to capture the beauty of a flower

the soothing greenery.

or a calming face

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sunset over Boston

I try to caption whether the sunrise or sunset whenever my travels may take me. But since I am quite grouchy in the morning, sunsets are being easier to capture.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reading Does a Body GOOD!

Let yourself be open to learn new things, we never know enough.
Instead of staying at home take the time to visit a library, you might enjoy it more than you think.

What you come across might be memorizing!

So check out your local library or visit one the next time you are traveling!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

An After Dinner Stroll Through Boston

When I first arrived to Boston I couldn't wait to head out and explore the city.

Everything looked so beautiful & peaceful I must add.  
I'm used to the noises from New York, since that is the city I visit MOST often.  
But I must say, the peacefulness from Boston...I can definitely get used to!